Monday, August 21, 2006

Steps to Business Website

You are to think of three things while planning for your small business website. You are to ask yourself three essential questions. They are as follows:
Who could be your tentative audiences?
How will your prospective audiences find you out?
How will you convert your web visitors into your customers?

These are the fundamental questions to set up your small business website. However, some people are indifferent and least bothered of such questions. At the end, they find their sites not helpful anyway. They blame the web world and not their ignorance.

Let us start the first question first. Who could be your tentative audiences and customers? Think of the answer to this question carefully. First, you decide how big your targeted market would be. Who are you going to catch with your web net? What could be their demands, and how will you satisfy their demands with your products, services etc.? Last but not least, what expectations are you going to create to the visitors? Think pragmatically that everybody will not be your customer, and do not pay attention to your site accordingly. If so, you are definitely going to invite troubles for yourself. You will loose your focus and your customers too. Your website will fail to have the cutting edge over others and definitely loose its potentials. Better, you should be aiming to the target within your reality.

Let us briefly discuss the second question how you will help such audiences find you out? If you can make your own position, it will also help others to find you out of innumerable number of sites. The search engines too can also easily find you and help others. Think twice what would be the easiest way to your targeted market or tentative customers to find you out. What should they type o­n the keyboard to search for you? Who comes up in the top 30s? Where would be your position, and where do you like to be? Are your competitors there? Look at their sites. Do they work? How can you improve o­n them? Identify something unique about your business that others do not have.

You are to be specific with the key phrases that represent your business. Your being unique in key board features you help you found easily and accurately and accordingly will accurately target more to your market. You have to manage yourself placed among top 30s? If so, it will drive traffic to your site. To be o­n the safe side, you should know in advance that your presence must be found in the first 3 results pages. You are to know the strategy how to achieve high search engine rankings. It is making inbound links to your web pages. This link will help your business to have a natural growth. Search engines arrange pages based upon their reputations. Your ranking will be determined by what other pages say about your page.

Now, let us consider the last question how you will convert your web visitors into your customers? You are not supposed to let them know what you do or sell. Tell them why they want your goods and services. Your input must aggravate what they want, and not need. You offer incentives, free samples, discounts etc. to start the dialogue.

Modern researches have come out with the truth that the human brain makes a judgment about a web page within a twentieth of a second. It does not give you sufficient time to make your own impression. You are to make sure that you have something worth selling which is visible o­n your home page. If possible, make it prominent o­n every other page.

Again, you are to be sure of the guarantee being highlighted. Enumerate a list of such guarantees with the use of bullets available o­n computer. It will be easy for the visitors to understand why your specification and you are different from the rest. Make them understand why they should deal with you and not your competitors in a fraction of second. Your site should be funnel-like to make sure that any browsing should lead to those pages. Your internal links should describe the target page.

If you sell cosmetics, don't call your product page ‘product’ call it cosmetics. Be sure that the links pointing at this page also say cosmetics. This will help the search engines to identify and rank the most important pages of your site for the customers to browse.

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

How to Get a Site on Your Budget

You might be thinking of having your own web site. But you might be scared of the budget you have. If you have a good grasp of designing and balance, it's not at all difficult to learn how to make a web page. Particularly it requires the skill of layout and word processing which make people skillful to create web sites quickly and easily.

At present, so many techniques have been introduced to meet the ever increasing challenges of the modern world. In spite of having so many challenging processes made available in the world of website creation today, web designing itself has become more of an art than a programming task, say experts. Generally, it sounds prudent, if you hire a web designer, and not a web programmer, to create your own website. It wouldn’t tax your pocket more. It will be cheaper. Even you want to make it decorated or good looking, you don’t have to invite people who are dealing with programming.

At the beginning of getting a web site created, you should pay your attention to what it should contain. If you simply look into the designing part of the site, you may loose so many important things that people would expect to see in your web site. Your designing skills can help, but can’t help you out. In addition to designing, you need to have other things required to incorporate in your site. Great design skills don’t cover everything people expect. Keep o­ne thing in mind that the web site you create is for others to use. A web site that no o­ne has ever visited is good for nothing. You want your web site to be visited by innumerable number of people, and time and again you are to make your web site updated in order to satisfy the demands of your customers. At the same time, you are to be sure of the rank your site is going to hold. It has to score higher ranks in search engines selections; otherwise people wouldn’t be able to find it out.

Your web pages should be written well. It must draw the attention of the browsers visiting your website. It has to have certain highlights which could arrest their interests to it. Your web designer can make you aware about web marketing. They can suggest you other important things including enhancing your customer traffic and customer satisfaction.

It is important to know what to look for in a designer. If you know, it is a great help. The first and foremost ability of the web designer should be to create such pages that are always ranked higher in search engine selections. This means that the designers should have the knowledge of everything and can place you in the web world in very respectable positions. You are to be sure that your website is looking beautiful in compare to others. The beauty competition is very much in web world too.

Web design is a practice oriented skill rather than theory based. College degrees are not sufficient. It is like swimming. You cannot learn it by simply reading books. It is true that the web designing market is very much competitive now unlike the past.
There are fierce competitions among designers for customers. The rate is also an important factor to know. You should not spend more than a hundred pound for a basic website of four or five pages. Keep also the renewal charges in mind.

People sometimes remain busy with web design templates. It is important for you to know. You can have access to other’s templates provided you share with them, or you can have your own templates as well as your own contents right from the beginning. In this matter, you will get what you pay for. Such self created templates may save you money, but professionalism may not be reflected there. Be sure with certain aspects of the templates and your business. If it cannot stand in the competition or grab the attention, search engines may deny it to give a higher rank. Customers will like well-written contents. Your site should look unique when compared with other sites. Therefore, you should hire the services of professional web designers, but make it sure that you are the owner of the contents made for your site. Get the contents recorded in a disk for future record. It protects your ownership as well as your original works.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The RSS and Its Advantages

The full form of RSS is Really Simple Syndication. Popularly it is known as RSS. It is o­ne of the important aspects of the .com world today. It is also o­ne of the members of XML family. The XML family is used to syndicate information. The RSS system allows o­ne web site to share information with another web site. This is how it helps spreading information.

The RSS is what you can call it the web site publisher. It provides opportunities to the web sites to publish its materials o­n many web sites. With the help of this process, your business goes o­n increasing with the spread of necessary information. It increases your frontiers o­n the net. These benefits help your web site to be more popular and the real advantage is search engine ranking. You site gets promoted to higher ranks, and it becomes easy for the browsers to access to your site.

It is very much helpful to the web owners. If you are a web owner, the RSS will help you to set up links to receive updated information o­n regular basis. This system runs o­n auto pilot. It means when the publishing site is updated, their web sites are also automatically updated. It boosts your business regularly. The system is reciprocal. As your web site is updated with new information being published, the search engines also start giving more importance and ranks to your sites, and ultimately it comes up and occupies a comfortable position in search engine ranking.

Since information is updated and allowed to travel to different sites, the users find it interesting as well as worth visiting to such sites providing them with updated information. This is an important benefit the website owners receive regularly by using RSS. Visitors too visit the site o­n a regular basis. In this context it is important for you to know that website owners do not receive the complete articles. What they receive is the fragmented, but important, parts of the article like title, a brief description, and a link to the article. However, such information proves to be sufficient for web owners to update their site.

As you are not getting the full text, the main disadvantage to the web site owner lies in trading off traffic for content. The simple reason is that their visitors have to visit the publisher’s web site for getting the complete text or full coverage of the article. However, considering all the benefits that the syndicate system offers, the web site owners consider this being a minor disadvantage. You might know that to receive RSS feed back the web site owners install some software which makes the system possible. You can get such software in the market, or you can get it installed directly from the net, sometimes free of cost. But before buying any such software, you should go through the advantages of such soft ware packages. Choose what is going to serve your purpose properly. You must take into account its advantages. The most important part of the RSS system is its easy and straight forward setting. Within a few hours, you can set up this connection, and o­nce the syndicate gets operational, it is almost maintenance free. Today, every web owner is in favour of RSS and getting connected to it to get maximum advantages.

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Monday, July 31, 2006

Web Design with a Difference

Web designing is o­ne of the most common professions today. Everybody is trying to be a web designer and to get a job abroad. o­ne question comes o­n the way whether this job is with or without choice to be somewhat different. It is generally said that web designing is a good choice, but web designing with a difference is little choice. If you browse o­n the net and simply type web designing o­n any search engine, you will find hundreds of sites in front of you. Now, you think you have come to the world of web designing.

It is important for you know that the web designing industry is becoming extremely competitive. In that case it is very difficult to find a better web designer company which can take care of your interest as well as your designing with a difference. Let us now search for the methods that can help you find the best web designer. How you select a web designing company that is not o­nly well designed but very preferable to search engines.

There are so many books, magazines, sites o­n web designing that sell their products and services. But o­nly a few web designers know how to give your website a head start o­n search engines. Others are least bothered about developing websites with the basic elements required to give the website a predominant position o­n search engines.

Here are a few tips o­n web designing that will make your website something more important than others. It will be a web site with difference, and the search engine will easily find it out when it comes to ranking o­n search engines and selling your products and services.

1. It is imperative for every web designing to include the important tags. No excuse should be made at the end for not including these tags in the web designing at the outset. No matter what people say, tags have their significance in the way search engines rank your website, and no web design will be complete without carefully chosen tags.

You might know that there are three important tags attached in the web site. They are the Title tag, Description tag, and Keywords tag. At the same time each web page should have its own set of tags. You should have the knowledge of what these tags are? The tags are nothing but words and phrases embedded in the HTML of the website, and it is very easy to include in your web designing.

2. The title tag comes next. To optimize the search engine, it is an important part of web designing. When a visitor finds your website o­n a search engine, the title tag is picked up by search engines and displayed as header. This tag also appears as title in the blue strip at the top of your browser. A short title tag with keywords is more preferable than a long o­ne.

3. The description tag includes a short description of what the web page is all about. In search engine results, it generally appears just below the title. However, nobody is sure of the importance of the description tag in search engine ranking. In a web design, the description acts as sales pitch. This tag provides you an opportunity to let browsers know what the web page is about, and why others click o­n your website. Web design is not just building a website and getting it ranked. You sell your products and services after the visitors click o­n your website.

4. The keywords tag is equally important. Many web designs include a number of supposed key words in the Keywords tag. As stated, the keywords are the words or phrases that visitors use to search for websites o­n search engines. A good web design is aimed at focusing them o­n web pages. Each web page should be focused o­n o­ne keyword at a time, and this keyword should be in the web page Keyword tag. The keywords are used in the tag appear in the body of the text.

5. A good web design should have the h1, h2 headers. Search engines easily read h1 and h2 headers. Use such headers as high up o­n your web page. Also use the keywords in the h1 header where possible. H1 headers are by default large fonts. It is better to format them so that the overall outlook of the web designing looks good with their header properties.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Six Easy Ways to Create Your Website

You might be thinking of having your own website. You might be presuming it very difficult to create a website. If so, this article will prove to be helpful for you. You can create your own website by simply complying six easy steps. It sounds tempting. Now, you go through the following passage and create your website step by step.

The first and foremost thing is to conceptualize or articulate your idea based o­n which you are thinking of having your own website. Decide at the beginning what you would like to include in your would be site. Now, let us consider a few aspects seriously. Think of the viewers of your site. Who, do you think, will visit your site? The contents you are going to propagate should satisfy the needs your viewers. Their satisfaction is very important. They should get their answers in your site. If so, they will visit again and again. Moreover, they will propagate your sites to others they come across with the topic. Your site will get lots of advertisement.

The second step of creating a website is to find a host. It is not an expensive business. You can get a host at $70 for two years or so. It is also possible to get a host free of cost if you don’t want to spend a single penny. There are innumerable sites acting as host free of cost. What you are supposed to do is to place their banner in your site. That’s all. Your work is almost half done.

The third step is to create the first page. It is necessary to create the layout and design your first page. Your basic knowledge in HTML will make the task easier and better. However, you can go through the first pages of other sites and pick up essential aspects and edit your first page in the best possible manner. But you can rely o­n the HTML. o­nline tutorial support is also available. Collect information as much as possible from different sources, and make use of them in creating and designing your site.

The next step is to edit your page. Follow the loading and the navigation and be sure of their performance. Here are a few technical aspects of web designing. Is it pleasing or comfortable for your eyes? What fonts are better readable? Is the matter included sufficient and reliable? Are their spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes? Don’t leave anything unnoticed. Check everything properly. Try to make your site fool proof. Editing should always be given first priority. Keep o­n editing unless and until you are satisfied.

The fifth step is to continue the same process of editing to rest of the pages. Your aim is to satisfy your viewers, and to satisfy their needs for which they browse your site. Proofreading is essential. Don’t compromise the quality of your website. It is identity of your credibility which will attract your visitors promote your business.

The last step is to submit the pages to your host. Having been satisfied of everything of your proposed site hand it over to your host and wait for it to be shown in the net. You need to update it as and when required, keeping the interests of your business as well as your customers in mind. If you fail to do that, they will look for a better site that can take care of their requirements. This is what you are supposed to do to create your own website.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

How to Manage Your E-Commerce

E-commerce is the new generation business in the modern world. Competitions have become very tough. The savvy businessmen and market analysts do hair split analysis o­n the commercial scenario and its trends. Therefore, it is important for them to be strategist and any wrong interpretation will put them into deep trouble. They have to have the right strategy for profit.

Statistics o­n o­nline businesses has come out with an important disclosure that most of the o­nline businesses these days do not make real money. It says that making profit is not so easy. It requires patience, commitments and lots of hard works. Anything less than that will land you in failure.

Therefore, planning is very important part of your business. It is important for you to decide in advance how you go by. First and foremost, you have to set your goals. These goals must be feasible or workable. Aiming too high is just like daydream. You can set your goals step by step. Don’t set any goal which ultimately proves to be impossible. Short term goals are far more realistic than long term goals. Your success in short term goals will help you realize your long term goals. Your step forward at every step is essential in business. Progress bit by bit is the success story.

What comes second is your motivation. It is the most important intangible capital in business. Invest your motivation in your business. Allow it grow realistically. Motivation makes you move. Your being organized is the most important part of your business. Have a work schedule and stick to it. Sometimes, circumstance may demand you to be working alone. You may have to accommodate the opinions of others. Keep in mind that in business every second is important. You have so many options open and go ahead with o­ne goal at a time to increase the productivity.

The most important factor of any business is discipline. Make yourself disciplined as well as others too. Take your business seriously. Give your business its due priority to other trifling matters. Don’t allow less important things make you busy overlooking your main business sidelined. Have s clear-cut focus o­n your business plan and strategy.

Your attitude to business is very important. It can either make or break your business. Your simply being good at planning will not fetch profit. You will have to be knowledgeable as well as strategist. Positive attitude is a must in business. You should not loose confidence in yourself. Your attitude must have the quality to overcome hurdles at any cost. It should not get contaminated with fear. Looking back and recollecting regret will not help you out.

The next important factor is your organizational skills. Your business is after all your business organization. The success and failure depends much o­n how organized your business is. Today’s business is organized. Pay your attention to the details of organization. Your involvement must be always with the best of your ability. Don’t leave any scope for future regret.

It is true that success will not follow overnight. It takes lots of efforts, patience, hard work and perseverance. Such qualities are worth having. They are the keys to success.

There is no shortcut route to success in business. It grows step by step. Your devotion and dedication are the real assets of your business. It is all about your e-commerce to be successful.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Preventing Your Visitors from Eluding Your Cash Register

The World Wide Web has practically made it possible to get information at your finger tips within no time. Such an advancement of technology has been available for over three quarters of a century. However, reading such web materials is not as easy as you can read a book or magazine. It gives some sort of stress o­n your eyes. It is difficult for anybody to spend several hours in reading web pages o­n computer screen. Every browser must have had the experience of that.

Therefore, web browsers try to get a print out copy of the materials available o­n the net, and then they go through the contents. It saves their time and energy and ensures comfort too. You are simply to find out the maximum information being available o­n net. You can scan the web pages and read what you find interesting.

Many web browsers are sometimes overwhelmed with too much text materials. As they are not able to read properly o­n the computer screen because of the eye strain, the web owners have found it a business to sell copies of such materials to browsers. As you cannot read long articles, better you explore ways and means to be comfortable. Practically speaking, there are ways you can create an environment where reading seems to be simply pleasurable.

Let’s now discuss step by step how to pay your attention to the web pages. The o­ne line answer is paying your attention to a catchy headline. The visitor should notice the headline first o­n the pages. Make the headline letters bold at least 2 times bigger than that of the rest of the text. Keep it in mind that a catchy headline will arrest the attention of your visitors easily. If so, they will be interested to read more and more.

It is also suggested that headings are also not sufficient. Make sub headings throughout the copy. It is very true that the web visitors first scan and then read. They decide what to read and what not. By inserting sub-headings in the content, you can help them scan the essential elements they are to read. They will stick to your site and explore materials arranged systematically. It is o­ne of the possible ways to increase your sell.

The next possible way out is breaking up of the long text into different paragraphs covering about a few sentences. The using of subheadings is reader friendly. Do it wherever possible.

If you have long sales letter, extensive report, etc., you give sufficient space in between paragraphs. The white space coming in between will make reader comfortable to go through entire text being displayed without being much disturbed and strain o­n their eyes. This is not the end of breaking the text into headings and sub headings. You can make use of other tools like bullets and numbers. Viewers can easily scan such arranged texts. When you include important points or benefits in your list, make use of such tools. At the end justification is also an important part. Flush left is the easiest to read. Sometimes, an occasional sentence or paragraph can invite attention and demand additional interest of your readers.

Another possible way is to make the fonts eye-friendly. The font you uses is no less important the text. Use an easy to read font. Arial, Verdana or Helvetica are good fonts to use. They have no proverbial ‘feet’ as they appear straight up and down. You need to know that non-serif fonts are easily viewed o­n a lighted surface. Serif fonts like Times Roman have small curves or feet at the stopping points of the letters. Therefore, they are more easily read.

Here are some other tips to include. Use a plain black font if possible. Colored text is very hard to read o­n a computer screen. It strains our eyes. You should avoid all capital letters as they are associated with shouting. Better you use bold or italics to emphasize important phrases. Avoid underlining the text. Create graphics-free pages for information.

You should know that your product is what is being displayed o­n the computer screen. Your visitors came to your site. Make special emphasis o­n the text. Make your text more enjoyable you can. The viewers will get fascinated to it, and proportionately you will get the return.

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